We Locate, Clear and Repair Blocked Drains!

Top Knotch Plumbing have the expert skill set required for all aspects of blocked drain complications, we service a wide range of blocked drains from your common household issues such as blocked toilets, blocked kitchen sinks, showers and bath tubs on the inside of your home to external drain blockages such as blocked storm-water pipes and blocked sewerage drains.



Home Services

Top Knotch Plumbing provide a variety of high quality, effective, and safe plumbing services for your home. We can assist with general plumbing issues such as leaking taps & toilets, hot water system servicing and replacement, home renovations and much more. We also offer a Jet Rodding service, this is a state of the art machine used to blast water through blocked drains & pipes at an extremely high pressure removing tree roots and other blockages. Our CCV inspection and location camera is used to detect breaks and blockages in pipes with accessibility to view areas that would otherwise go undetected.

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Keep it Clean

Our high-pressure water blaster is used to clean drive ways, foot paths and car parks, making them like brand new! 
Our Jet Rodder comes equipped with a concrete cleaning head called a commercial whirlaway used to blast water onto surfaces removing any built up mould, dirt and grime.